About Ayoba Innovation, Inc.

dks-sq-closeup-14David Smith founded Ayoba Innovation, Inc. in Miami as his platform for validating and launching product ideas. “Ayoba” is a South African township slang word used to express amazement, delight, excitement, and approval. Ayoba Innovation strives to elicit such a reaction from all of its customers and stakeholders.

David believes that the timing is right for nimble upstarts to leverage platforms such as crowd-funding, social media, and smart warehousing to challenge the status quo. This website brings together people who share this vision and want to learn more. David’s current focus is on finding and validating the right product concept(s) according to Lean Startup principles. The next steps may involve launching a crowdfunding campaign to secure funds and customers for the first production run. And from there, he intends to build a sustainable business. All the while, he will give blog readers an inside look at some of the key decisions along the way.

David’s foray into manufactured goods follows a successful 15-year career in IT consulting, software product management, and internet marketing. Five years in, he took a two-year break to attend Wharton’s MBA program. He also has a BS in civil engineering from Rice. Here’s David’s public LinkedIn profile. To schedule 30 minutes to talk with David over Skype from anywhere in the world, click here.